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Education Law Practice

Education is one of society’s most important functions. There are laws that protect students, parents, and school employees. Our experienced attorneys will help you navigate this complex legal framework and protect your rights.

School Employment

There are laws that govern the working conditions, contracts, tenure, and dismissal of school employees. Contact us if you have questions about your employment contract, are being treated unfairly by your employer, have been terminated or threatened with termination or non-renewal, or need help negotiating a severance package.

School Discipline

Schools must follow certain procedures before suspending or expelling a child from school. Our experienced team can ensure that your child is treated fairly and minimize your child’s time out of school. If your child is being suspended or expelled, or if you believe your child has been disciplined unfairly, call us for help.

Students with Disabilities

All children have a right to a free education that is appropriate based on their individual needs. We can help get the school to listen and respond to your concerns about your child’s academic progress. Our team has experience developing 504 plans and IEPs that work and are compliant with the law.

School Safety

School safety is a growing concern for parents. Schools have a responsibility to maintain an environment for students that is physically safe and free of bullying and harassment. If your child has been injured or bullied at school, call us for help.

Post-Secondary Education

Postsecondary students with disabilities have a right to be accommodated under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Postsecondary schools must also provide due process before disciplining or dismissing students, whether or not they have a disability. Our team is experienced in helping students navigate conflicts with colleges, universities, and professional schools. If your college or university will not provide reasonable accommodations for your disability, or if your college or university is threatening to discipline or dismiss you, call us for a consultation.

Bar Admission

Law students and bar applicants must prove that they have the requisite character and fitness to practice law. Applicants may be denied the opportunity to take the bar exam if they fail to disclose even minor past transgressions. So much is at stake when applying for admission to the bar—our experienced team can help you navigate the process and maximize your chances of being admitted to practice.