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Finding the Best Attorney for Your Case

Wrongful Death Lawsuits

1. Find attorneys who concentrate their own practice in the law practice area your case needs.

One way to find a suitable lawyer is by asking friends, acquaintances, and/or co-workers regarding legal services that you may need. If this unsuccessful, then other ways to search for a lawyer include:

  • The internet
  • Local or state trial lawyers bar association referral services
  • Employer legal plans such as ARAG
  • Published and Internet directories such as Super Lawyers or Best Lawyers in America

2. Weed out the bad attorneys from the good ones.

You now have a list of lawyers who concentrate their practice in the practice area that you are seeking. How do you determine which one is the best for your case? One way is to schedule a consultation with that lawyer. Some lawyers provide free consultations; while others may charge a small fee for a consultation. Initial consultations may be treated like a job interviews. You are interviewing the lawyer for the possible position as your attorney.

Here are some questions that may be helpful:

  • How many years of experience do you have in this area of practice?
  • Have you handled cases which are similar to mine? If not, how would you handle my case?
  • What can I expect as the likely outcome of my case/lawsuit?
  • How do you primarily communicate with your clients – letter, email, telephone, or fax?
  • What case expenses are likely?
  • How do you charge attorney fees?
  • How long is it likely to take for my case to be resolved?
  • What can I do to keep case expenses low and save money?
  • What can I do to help make the outcome a success?

3. Select an attorney.

You’ve asked your questions. Now it is time to select an attorney. You may still have doubts. Are you sure you are choosing the right attorney? Is he or she the “best” attorney for your case? The truth is that you can never know who may be the best. The primary consideration is to select an experienced lawyer with whom you are comfortable both in how he or she communicates with you and in the fees he or she charges.

Wrongful Death

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