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A personal injury is a physical or psychological injury that results of the negligent actions of another party. At the Cincinnati injury law firm of Freking Myers & Reul, LLC, we handle a wide range of personal injury cases, including the following:

What is the difference between a settlement and an injury lawsuit?

The majority of personal injury cases settle out of court. This means that the defendant and his or her insurance company offer you an amount of money, and you waive your right to sue in exchange. If you choose not to settle, the case goes to trial and a jury or judge decides whether the defendant is responsible for your injury. The benefits of settling a personal injury case outside court include the following:

  • Reduced cost: Many types of fees accompany a lawsuit, including court filing fees and expert testimony fees. Settlement expenses usually include only the attorney’s fees or the cost of hiring a mediator.
  • Faster resolution: Settling outside of court is generally a much faster process than litigation. The parties can begin the settlement process at their convenience. Litigation, however, sometimes takes more than six months to reach the courtroom.
  • Less stress: Due to the expense, time commitment, and public nature of a trial, going to court can be a stressful experience. In a settlement, the parties maintain control over crucial issues such as how much money is awarded and how it is paid. In a trial, a judge or a jury makes all of these decisions.

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There are instances when taking a personal injury case to court is the best option. If the victim sustains a severe injury or if an accident causes a fatality, a trial is usually the best option. The most effective way for you to find out whether filing a lawsuit is the right decision for you is to contact a personal injury attorney in Cincinnati as soon as possible.

Do not try to handle your personal injury case alone. If you are the victim of another party’s negligence and are searching for legal representation, consider the law firm of Freking Myers & Reul. Over the years, our attorneys have built a strong track record in handling a wide range of personal injury cases.

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