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FM&R Representative Personal Injury Cases

Many of our clients mistakenly think Freking Myers & Reul is only an employment law firm.

In fact, Freking Myers & Reul’s personal injury attorneys are quite active in handling catastrophic and serious injury cases. We handle accident cases involving automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians, defective products, unsafe machinery, unsafe premises, medical malpractice, and insurance coverage disputes.

The list below includes some of the cases we resolved in the past year.

Landlord Premises Liability and Products Liability – Failure to properly select and install apartment balcony railing, failure to properly warn that product railing was for at-grade installations only – Led to fall, resulting in spinal paraplegia.

Product Liability – Failure to properly design and service wastewater treatment unit – Toxic gas inhalation resulting in serious injuries, including brain trauma, to two employees.

Uninsured Motorist Hit and Run Insurance Benefits Dispute – Failure to control vehicle and suit for disputed uninsured motorist benefits – multiple serious physical injuries and brain trauma to auto mechanic.

Dram Shop – Failure to use safe alcohol service practices by restaurant resulting in drunk driver striking a disabled police van – Multiple serious injuries caused to veteran police officer.

Medical Malpractice – Failure to monitor and diagnose – Elderly patient post-surgery developed fecal impaction leading to intestine blockage.

Premises Liability – Failure to properly follow recognized safety practices in the demolition of industrial chemical mixing vessel and piping – Mercaptoethanol gas inhalation resulting in Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome and permanent occupational asthma to apprentice employee.

Construction Liability – Failure by construction company to warn motorists of grooved roadway surface during renovations – Fracture and serious physical injuries caused to motorcycle rider who lost control of vehicle due to grooved surface.

Premises and Product Liability – Failure to design and maintain retail display crystal ice bucket – Handle came loose when patron picked up bucket, causing ice bucket to strike patron’s foot, resulting in serious foot injuries and surgeries.

Premises Liability – Loading Dock Guardrail Failure – Failure to maintain premises in a safe condition – fracture and serious physical injuries to a delivery truck driver who fell backwards from the loading dock to the pavement when the guardrail failed.

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