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Know Your Rights Before Accepting a Settlement

Anyone who has ever been involved in a serious accident knows that it is a stressful and emotional time. That is why it is always helpful to get an objective, professional opinion from someone who has experience in dealing with accident victims. The Cincinnati law firm of Freking Myers & Reul, LLC is here to give you support at this difficult time and can answer any questions you have regarding your accident or personal injuries. You should be aware of the fact that many auto and truck accident cases are settled well before trial so you may be tempted to accept a settlement offer before you should. The more liability exposure there is, the quicker a defending insurance company wants to settle the case. However, in order to fully protect your legal rights, you should consult with an experienced attorney before entering into any settlement.

Auto accident and trucking accident settlements are legally binding. This means that you are taking compensation in exchange for the complete satisfaction of your legal claim. A settlement can occur anytime before or during trial. Trucking accident cases are extremely vulnerable to early settlement because they often involve serious personal injuries or fatalities, and most insurance companies want to limit their liability exposure by avoiding a sympathetic jury who could award huge damages. Other reasons for early settlement include:

  • Limiting court costs and attorney fees
  • Avoiding disclosure of sensitive personal or business information
  • Saving time
  • Avoiding the possibility of losing at trial

While many of these reasons for settlement may be enticing, you should think carefully before you consider any legal settlement. No settlement should be entered into without meeting with an attorney who can conduct a thorough review of your claim. You may not have realized that you can recover such things as lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering as an accident victim. The attorneys at Freking Myers & Reul can help you evaluate the merits of your case and determine the amount of compensation you deserve.

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