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Class Actions

Cincinnati Class Action Lawsuit Attorney

A class action is a legal remedy available for different people injured in a similar way by the same defendant. This is a tool often used by consumers against large corporations, or against corporations that cause physical harm through the release of an industrial pollutant. At Freking Myers & Reul, LLC, our class action lawsuit attorneys are highly experienced in handling complex class action claims.

A class action lawsuit requires legal experience and skill to handle the complexity of a large lawsuit. Our attorneys have successfully managed and pursued class action claims on behalf of our clients.

A class action lawsuit has certain requirements to meet before the class will qualify for class status. These requirements include:

  • Size: the class must be so large that the individual suits would be impractical
  • Typicality: the complaints of the representative must be typical of the class
  • Commonalty: the class must have a common complaint against the defendant
  • Class protection: the representative must protect the interests of the class

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In a class action lawsuit, one person who demonstrates that their injury is typical of the class represents the entire class of the lawsuit. The representative can prove and settle their claims as well as the claims of the class. We have pursued actions against manufacturers for defective product design, or developers for injuries on the premises of a new construction site. If you are an employee, we can assist you in pursuing a wage dispute for yourself and your co-workers.

We can assist you in filing a class action lawsuit related to any of the following:

  • Defective products
  • Premises liability
  • Medical devices and defects
  • Pharmaceutical litigation
  • Chemical exposure and toxic torts
  • Employment and wage disputes

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